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OASIS 2023 Award Winners

OASIS 2023 Regional Show Award Winners


Congratulations to the OASIS 2023 Award winners!

The awards and winners of the show were:

1st Prize: Tumalo Sunset Iris by Sharon Duguay

"Tumalo Sunset Iris" by Sharon Duguay

2nd Prize: Coastal Charge by Barry Rafuse

"Coastal Charge" by Barry Rafuse, SFCA

3rd Prize: The Climber's View by Linda Lovisa

"Tree Climbers View" by Linda Lovisa


Award of Excellence: Noble Solitude by Judi Lebsack

"Noble Solitude" by Judi Lebsack

Award of Excellence: Bob and Bangs by Blair Dunlop

"Bob and Bangs" by Blair Dunlop

Award of Excellence: Medicine for the Soul by Kato Rempel

"Medicine for the Soul" by Kato Rempel, SFCA


Honourable Mention: Wait For Me by Pamela Furlong

"Wait for Me" by Pamela Furlong, AFCA

Honourable Mention: My Better Half by Lorraine Burns

"MY BETTER HALF" by Lorraine Burns

Honourable Mention: Village Life by Juve Furtado

"Village Life" by Juve Furtado, AFCA

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