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OASIS 2021 Award Winners

This year’s OASIS Regional Show, open to the South, Central and North Okanagan Chapters as well as the Thompson Nicola Shuswap Chapter, received 251 entries from 93 artists. The jury panel (Justin Maas - SFCA, Gaye Adams - SFCA, Linda Bell - AFCA) had the challenging task of reviewing all the entries and assigning scores. When the results were in, 113 paintings were Accepted to the COC’s Online Gallery, of which 75 will also hang in the Peachland Art Gallery. Fifty-five of the 113 Accepted paintings were deemed to be Qualifying paintings (jury score of 4/7 or higher).


Both the Online and the Physical show open Saturday, June 26th and will run until Saturday, July 31st. The Online Gallery can be viewed at www.centralokanaganfca.com and the physical show can be viewed in person at the Peachland Art Gallery, 5684 Beach Ave, Peachland, BC.

The Entry fees generated $3,765.00 which was used to fund the 16 OASIS Awards. A big thank you to our Sponsors who donated cash and gift cards: MQN Architects ($500), Ruby Industries ($300) and Opus Framing & Art Supplies (three $50 gift cards).

Congratulations to the Oasis 2021 Award winners.


1.      Elma Eidse Neufeld for “String #2”


"STRING #2" by Elma Eidse Neufeld

2.      Kit Bell, AFCA for “Threesome”


"Threesome" by Kit Bell, AFCA

3.      Holly Smith for “Renaissance Man”


"Renaissance Man" by Holly Smith

AWARDS of EXCELLENCE ($150 + $50 Opus Gift Card each)

1.      Juve Furtado, AFCA for “Mission Creek Sunset”


"Mission Creek Sunset" by Juve Furtado, AFCA

2.      Sheila M. Simpson for “Spirit of Winter”


"Spirit of Winter" by Sheila M Simpson

3.      Patricia L. Smith for “Red Hot & Blues Dream”


"Red Hot & Blues Dream" by Patricia L Smith

4.      Diane Bennett-Way for “Frozen Fall”


"Frozen  Fall" by Diane Bennett-Way

5.      Kato Rempel, SFCA for “Malecon, Havana, Cuba”


"Malecon, Havana, Cuba" by Kato Rempel, SFCA


1.      BEST ABSTRACT: Anne-Marie Harvey for “Wine and Mozzarella”


"Wine and Mozzarella" by Anne-Marie Harvey

2.      BEST FLORAL: Lillian Sokil for “Jim’s Peony #2”


"Jim’s Peony 2" by Lillian Sokil

3.      BEST STILL LIFE: Olga Malevich Sediako for “Breakfast at the Lake”


"Breakfast at the Lake" by Olga Malevich Sediako

4.      BEST FIGURATIVE: Kathryn Ross for “Just Dance”


"Just Dance!" by Kathryn Ross

5.      BEST ANIMAL: Pamela Furlong for “Lucy”


"Lucy" by Pamela Furlong, AFCA

6.      BEST LANDSCAPE: Shannon Wylie for “Foggy Morning on the Commonage #2”


"Foggy Morning on the Commonage 2" by Shannon Wylie

7.      BEST CITYSCAPE: Colleen Dyson for “Across the Tracks II”




1.      Ann Willsie, AFCA for “Walk at Sunrise”


"Walk at Sunrise" by Ann Willsie, SFCA

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