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OASIS 2020 Award Winners

OASIS 2020 Regional Art Show

Selected work from this show are hanging at the Peachland Art Gallery for the month of July.  If you are in the area, you will not want to miss it! The quality of the work is extraordinary.

See all the accepted paintings in our online gallery after June 24th.

Congratulations to the award winners:

MQN Architects Best of Show: "Pat the Tourist" by Evalynne McDougall

"PAT THE TOURIST" by Evalynne McDougall, PSWC-DP, MPAC, SCA

Best Cityscape Award: "Lights on Broadway" by Andrew McDermott

"Lights on Broadway" by Andrew McDermott, IAPS/MC, SFCA, PSWC, PSC

Best Landscape Award: "Mission Creek Pond" by Sharon Duguay

"Mission Creek Pond " by Sharon Duguay

Best Animal Award: "Swan Lake and Blue Heron" by Joan Little


Best Figurative Award: "The Fiddler" by Angie Kirschner

"The Fiddler" by Angie Kirschner

Best Still Life Award: "Lemons #2" by Myrna Germaine-Brown

"Lemons #2" by Myrna Germaine-Brown

Best Floral Award: "Hydrangea 2" by Laurie Koss

"Hydrangea 2" by Laurie Koss, SFCA

Best Abstract Award: "Voice of a Dancer" by Pauline Jans

"Voice of A Dancer" by Pauline Jans

Award of Excellence: "I Just Love My Dog So Much" by Veronica P. Davies

"I just love my dog so much" by Veronica P Davies, AFCA

Award of Excellence: "Just the Three of Us" by Kit Bell

"Just the Three of Us" by Kit Bell, AFCA

Award of Excellence: "And the Bells Fell Silent" by Juve Furtada

"And the Bells Fell Silent" by Juve Furtado, AFCA

Award of Excellence: "Morning Commute" by Heather Hollingsworth

"Morning Commute" by Heather Hollingsworth

Award of Excellence: "Rhapsody in Rain" by James Postill

"Rhapsody in rain" by James Postill

Honourable Mention: "Mockery" by Janice Sich

"Mockery" by Janice Sich

Honourable Mention: "Summertime and the Living is Easy" by Georgia Krebs

"Summer Time & The Living is Easy" by Georgia Krebs

Honourable Mention: "Afternoon Traverse" by Cheryl McFadden

"Afternoon Traverse" by Cheryl McFadden, AFCA

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