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OASIS 2018 Award Winners

OASIS 2018 National Show

This show is hanging at the Peachland Art Gallery for the month of July.  If you are in the area, you will not want to miss it! The quality of the work is extraordinary.

Congratulations to the award winners:

Best of Show -  "Pure Love" by Veronica Davies, AFCA

"Pure Love" by Veronica P Davies, AFCA 

Best Abstract-  "Escape 1" by Renata Kerr, AFCA

"Escape 1" by Renata Kerr, AFCA

Best Still Life/Floral -  "Orchard House Red Havens" by Jan Crawford, AFCA

"Orchard House red havens" by Jan Crawford, AFCA

Best Figurative/Animal -  "Running out of space" by Anita McComas, AFCA

"Running Out Of Space" by Anita McComas, AFCA

Best Landscape/Cityscape -  "Onward and Downward" by Kit Bell, AFCA

"Onward and Downward" by Kit Bell, AFCA

Award of Excellence - "Dennis 79" by Janice Sich

"Denis...79" by Janice Sich

Award of Excellence - "Fishing Plug" by Wayne Wilson

"Fishing Plug" by Wayne Wilson

Award of Excellence - "Sheep" by Lee Caufield, AFCA

"Sheep" by Lee Caufield, AFCA

Honorable Mention - "Sails at Rest" by Colleen Dyson, AFCA

"SAILS AT REST" by Colleen J Dyson, AFCA

Honorable Mention - "Come... talk to me" by Kato Rempel, AFCA

"Come... talk to me." by Kato Rempel, SFCA

Honorable Mention - "New Born" by Susan Priest

"Newborn" by Susan Priest


To see all painting accepted in the show, Click Here

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