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OASIS 2014

A wonderful event begins with a good idea, is pushed forward with passion and brought to fruition with work and dedication. The OASIS, Okanagan Art Show and Inspiration Symposium, was a wonderful event, a successful joining of artists and community in Kelowna on May 9th and 10th.

OASIS Opening Night Open Night


The Art Exhibition Opening was well attended with guests enjoying the 70 juried paintings from the North, South and Central Okanagan Chapters of the FCA. There were $2,500.00 in prizes thus many happy and excited award recipients.

Click here for a list of award winners.

The OASIS Show will remain up until June 15, an extended time due to a request from the RCA for our show to be the ART part of their WAM (Wine, Art and Music) Festival on June 14. Many positive comments have been received by the OASIS Committee and the RCA about the professional quality of the art as well as the presentation of the artwork. A suggestion has been made that FCA-COC consider holding OASIS in June of next year so that it corresponds with WAM 2015.

Click here for an online gallery of all OASIS entries.

The Inspiration Symposium was a big hit with the artists, sponsors and art lovers who attended. There were 146 participants which we hope will grow to 300 next year. Our guest artists, Rick McDiarmid, SFCA, NWWS, Suzanne Northcott, SFCA and David Langevin, SFCA were joined by Kelowna's own SFCA artist, Dennis Weber, SFCA, CIPA, to create a diversified and inspiring panel.

OASIS Panel OASIS RIck Presenting  
Panel Discussion Rick McDiarmidSFCA, NWWS  


 Rick spoke about transitions in his life and his work. He asked questions of himself then strove to answer them in a personal fashion using images from his life and work. Suzanne shared a personal journey to finding her voice. She gave sage advice that we listen to what is within and be open to hearing, to guard against too much outside influence. David was entertaining and pragmatic in his approach to the business of art. David says he is a very practical person and proceeded to share what worked for him with humourous anecdotes to illustrate his thesis. Fun and good information were shared as the guests fielded questions from the audience during the panel discussion.

OASIS David Presenting OASIS BOS
David Langevin, SFCA Best of Show Award recipient Lorraine Burns (FCA-COC) for Magnolia – Girl with a Black Cape. Presented by Rotary Club of Kelowna member Ralf Rohrlack


In the afternoon, Dennis critiqued paintings brought by symposium participants and demonstrated his work in pastels. Suzanne, Rick and David demonstrated their skills each painting within a two hour window. There is nothing like watching an image appear at the hand of a master.

OASIS 1 Rick McDiarmid Demo
OASIS 3 David Langevin Demo
OASIS Suzanne Demo2 Suzanne Northcott Demo
OASIS Dennis Critique Dennis Weber Critique


Barb Hanington, president of FCA-COC, who with her husband, Rob, owns Pleasant Pear Orchard B and B, hosted the artists. The committee joined the artists and hosts for a musical soiree the evening of the Opening. Guitars and violins, flutes and voices rose in harmony as we celebrated art and music.

The ambience of the exhibition, symposium and the social was one of enthusiasm and energy growing out of our shared pleasure. Everyone learned something new and most importantly, went away inspired!

The OASISCommittee would like to thank all the sponsors who helped to make this event possible and in particular the City of Kelowna which gave OASIS a kick start to becoming a positive addition to Kelowna's cultural scene. Also, a warm special thank you to David, Dennis, Suzanne and Rick for sharing their talent and invaluable knowledge with us.

Sponsored By 

  • Rotary Club of Kelowna
  • MQN Architects
  • Pleasant Pear Orchard B&B
  • Opus Framing and Art Supplies
  • Flair Air
  • R. Bruce Consulting
  • Prospera Credit Union
  • Jesse East Realtor
  • Equinox Holdings 

Funded By

  • City of Kelowna
  • Artsvest

 Stay tuned for the Second Annual OASIS already in the planning stages.

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