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Sharon Rose

Sharon Rose was born in Alberta. Her artistic endeavors began at the age of seven when an aunt gave her a "paint by number" kit for Christmas.  Sharon soon became frustrated with staying within the lines so she started blending and discovering new colors by mixing those that came with the kit to create colors "outside the box".  As these activities were discouraged, completed works were secretly hidden away to be viewed only by dust bunnies.  Early artistic activity not only served as a way to insulate against life’s “slings and arrows” but also set the stage for a lifetime of yearning for creative expression.

However, facts of life lay inevitably in the wings as parenting and careers in business and the forest industry used up her middle years.

Sharon began painting in her fifth decade, timidly at first and on weekends only. Her artistic yearning grew and the resultant process altered her so dramatically that she no longer saw life through the same eyes. 

After several years of working primarily in oils, Sharon changed her focus to drawing, using pastel and other dry mediums, working totally from life and primarily with the human figure. She also dabbled with acrylic and other water media. After eight years had passed, Sharon started longing for painting in oil once again, returning to the medium that was her first love.

Sharon considers herself to be self-taught, also having taken occasional workshops over the years.

Sharon Rose is co-founder of "Valley Painters" in Merritt, BC where she resided for 22 years.  She moved to Vernon in 2002 where she teaches drawing on a part time basis at the Vernon Community Art Centre and is an active member of the Livessence Society For Figurative Artists in Kelowna.

Sharon has exhibited paintings and drawings in group art exhibits throughout BC and her work can be found in private collections across Canada and the United States.

Today she cannot visualize her life in any other way than as an ongoing artistic obsession.

Email: vividrose7@gmail.com


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