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Robin MacMillan

Robin has always been interested in painting and drawing.  Although, until recently he had no formal training, about 25 years ago he began taking oil painting lessons from a friend's mother—Mrs. Eileen Schjodt.  Later on, he began working with local artist June Stapleton and attended sessions with her, off and on, for about 20 years.

In that time, he was involved in a local art show at the Capri Centre Mall in Kelowna. That show resulted in the sale of several of his paintings of local Kelowna scenery. It also resulted in a commissioned painting.  Since that time, he has been commissioned on several occasions.

Since retirement in 2006, Robin has challenged himself to become more involved in the Kelowna Art Scene. He is a member of the Arts Council of the Central Okanagan, the Federation of Canadian Artists (Central Okanagan Chapter), and the Kelowna Palette Club. Robin has taken courses from locally renowned artists such as Robert Genn, Gaye Adams, Carrie Harper and Dennis Weber.

On Occasion, he has hung his paintings in various locations around Kelowna such as the Kelowna Public Library, the West Kelowna Library and All Body Care.  Robin has had paintings juried into Art Walk, the Kelowna Music and Arts Festival, and Art Visions.

Email: rkmacmillan@shaw.ca


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