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Lorraine Burns

"1 Cow, 2 Cow, Red Cow, Blue Cow" by Lorraine Burns

Lorraine Burns

A native of Vancouver, British Columbia, Lorraine Burns is a self-taught painter who spent her childhood observing every day life and drawing instinctively, fearlessly.

After raising a family and moving to the beautiful Okanagan, she felt compelled by a deep-rooted passion to pick up an oil brush and palatte. From the first painting, the result is an expanding portfolio of vibrant work that she hopes will connect with one's experiences and emotions.

Bold strokes. Vivid hues. Resonating texture. Self described as expressive realism, her oil paintings reveal spontaneity and exuberance on oversized convasses, resplendent with eye-popping pink, tangerine, turquoise and lemon.

Ultimately, her intention is for viewers to be genuinely moved and touched, that something comes across to them through the drama, composition or color of the piece.

"I love to paint powerful, emotional pieces. Usually I begin with a simple sketch, then layer in a colorful underpainting. I translate the natural delight I feel while working through broad strokes with big brushes, adding subtle touches to bring to life what I believe represents the painting's story."

"I hope my passion and personal expression will bring you moments of connection and joy."

Email: lorraineburns@telus.net
Website: www.lburns.com


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