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Irene Bowman



Born in Manitoba, Irene has lived in six of Canadas provinces before making Kelowna her permanent home.

Her formal education includes degrees from several universities: McGill –BA; University of New Brunswich - LLB; Loma Linda -MSc. She paints in acrylic and oil and is an Active Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. A number of her paintings hang in private collections.

She has a great love of nature which inspires much of her art. In her art she seeks to capture some of the essence of nature so that it can be shared, cherished and reexperienced, even as our civilization encroaches and threatens our natural world.

She hopes her paintings will promote a connection with nature.

As John Muir has said :

“Keep close to Nature's heart... Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine into trees.”

Workshops include : Roger Arndt: Kit Bell: Andrew McDermott: Perry Haddock: Gaye Adams, Ann Willsie and more.

Contact Irene:

phone 778.478-7441
or text 250.540-0028



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