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Adrienne Friesen

"Reds in Motion" by Adrienne Friesen

Adrienne Friesen

Adrienne Friesen (nee Oliviero) grew up on a dairy farm in St. Claude, Manitoba. In 1972 she completed the Bacherlor of Education program at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg. She taught for 12 years in the Pas, Manitoba. In 1986 she moved to Kelowna with her family and taught at the primary level. Three years later she completed a Masters Degree Program at University of Victoria.

Adrienne is a member of the FCA-COC and values the talents of this group. Her painting career stretches over a period of 20 years and her passion for the fine arts led her to formal training, workshops and experimentation.

Sometimes she paints with deliberate intentions of shape, color, movement and texture. Sometimes she feels as if the paint and forms are already in the paper, canvas and brush. The image just needs coaxing, pushing and pulling. The medium of watercolor is a life long learning experience for her and she remains in awe of what can be achieved by the pigments floating on water and paper. Over the last few years she has been experimenting with acrylics and discovering the qualities of what that medium offers. Adrienne paints landscapes, florals, and a wide range of common every day things that surround us. Her works are a humble attempt at rendering the energy and patterns of what appears to be mundane things in life. It allows her to communicate and connect in ways she never could otherwise. Her favorite expression is "Painting is good for my soul."

Email:  amfriesen@shaw.ca
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