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Details for "The FCA-COC Mentoring Program"

Note: This program is only available to members of the Central Okanagan Chapter of the FCA.

Three Hour Workshop and Continuing Mentorship

Date: April 6, 2019

Time: 9:00 am to Noon

Cost: $10

Location: UBC Okanagan Campus - Engineering Management and Education building Room 1202.

Campus Map

Directions to the UBC Okanagan Campus:

If you are coming from the south

  1. Take Highway 97 North
  2. Take the UBC Okanagan, John Hindle Drive Exit
  3. Follow John Hindle Drive at the round about
  4. Turn right onto Alumni Ave
  5. The parking lot is just past the Engineering Management and Education building

If you are coming from the north

  1. Take Highway 97 South
  2. Turn left at the lights for University Way
  3. The parking lot is at the top of the hill on the left.


Note: If you are already part of the Mentoring Program, you do not need to retake the Seminar.  You will be contacted to ask if you would like to continue and if you do, you will be assigned a new mentor. If you wish to retake the Seminar, then please register for it and pay the $10 fee.

Artists, at any stage of their development, need feedback on their work in order to grow. The chapter has provided critiques in the past as part of the monthly meeting programs.  These have been very well received; so much so that we have decided to expand on them.

The mentoring program will combine information on the skill of critiquing with the assignment of one of our signature members as a mentor to participants.

One goal of the new FCA-COC mentoring program is to teach our members how to understand what makes good art, so they can learn how to justify the judgments they make about art (Reasoned Criticism), and ultimately apply these same principles to their own work.

The FCA-COC provides many opportunities for members to learn and improve their technical skills (through workshops and demos), but currently provides few opportunities for members to learn the compositional skills essential to producing good artwork.

In theory, if we teach our members compositional skills and what makes art good, along with how to effectively and knowledgeably respond to and critique art, they will be able to apply these same principles to creating their own art.

Format of the initial workshop:

  • Laurie Koss SFCA will give a lecture on Responding to Art.
  • Following the lecture, participants will be assigned one of the chapter’s signature members as a mentor.
  • Mentors will break off with their groups to review work brought by the participants. This could be finished work, work in progress or ideas for future work.
  • There will be a wind-up discussion to conclude the workshop. 

Ongoing mentorship sessions:

  • Approximately once a month, participants will meet with their mentor.  Where and when is up to the group but it is suggested that this could be done prior to the monthly meeting at the Seniors Centre or at someone’s home.
  • Mentors would also be available by email.
  • This would continue until September at which time the program will be reviewed. 

Note: in order to be assigned a mentor, you must go through the workshop. This program is only available to members of the Central Okanagan Chapter of the FCA.  For more information about membership, please click here.

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