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FCA-COC is a community of over 135 artists from the central Okanagan area, that includes emerging artists through to highly proficient professional artists. Through peer support and mutual encouragement our aim is to promote the artistic development and professional advancement of our members.

Member benefits include opportunities to participate in:

  • Regional and international art competitions
  • Workshops
  • Monthly meetings including talks and demonstrations by guest artists
  • Drawing and painting as a group
  • Promoting your artwork through our website and art shows

OASIS 2017


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Chapter Workshops

Oil Painting Workshop with Ron Hedrick

Date: January 20 and 21 - 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Learn New Vivid Painting Techniques with Mike Svob

Date: April 8, 9, and 10, 2017 – 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM 

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Autumn Gallery Show 2016

Here are the Award Winners for the Autumn Gallery FCA-COC Chapter Show: 

1st Place - Justin Maas - Gypsy Eyes

"Gypsy Eyes" by Justin Maas, AFCA, SCA

2nd Place - Karen Rempel - Laid Back

"Laid Back" by Karen Rempel, AFCA

3rd Place - Jaxon Jurome - Ponderosa Paradise

"Ponderosa Paradise" by Jaxon Jurome

Award of Excellence - Kathy Hale - Nova Scotia Dories

"Nova Scotia Dories" by Kathy Hale

Honourable Mention: Alberto Azzi - Woman with Owl 

"Woman with Owl" by Alberto Azzi

Honourable Mention: Jim Laing - Bowl of Eggs 

"Bowl of Eggs" by Jim Laing

Honourable Mention: Diana Palmer - Glass Landscapes - Encroaching Night

"Glass Landscapes - Encroaching Night" by Diana Palmer, AFCA

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      Artist Spotlight

"mountain glacier" by Rod McAuley

Janurary Painting of the Month 
"Mountain Glacier" 
by Rod McAuley

 FCA-COC Members Competition

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Painting of the Month

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