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"Wetlands Cheam Lake"

Item 49 of 58 in Everything Under the Sun Chapter Show 2023
"Wetlands Cheam Lake" by Ann Willsie, SFCA
Wetlands Cheam Lake
Ann Willsie, SFCA (Click to view artist website)
36" x 48"
Oil on Canvas
Available for Sale
I have returned many times to the Cheam Lake Wetlands area in the Fraser Valley, at different times of the year, and I have yet to be disappointed in the scenery - it is stunning at any time of year. This particular shot was taken at the height of summer when everything was lush and green and the skies were hazy with heat.

Juror Artwork - this artwork is presented by a juror for the exhibition.

Federation jury panels are made up of three Signature members of the organization. These artists are professional artists in their own right, having exhibited in multiple Federation exhibitions, received many awards and titles, and undergone an extensive peer review jury process themselves.

The Federation of Canadian Artists acknowledges and is thankful for the support and skill of their jurors.
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