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Loose and Lively Acrylics

A Two Day Workshop

Instructor: Perry Haddock SFCA

Date: This workshop has been postponed to 2021 - dates TBA


Time: 10 am to 4 pm 


Location: Ellis Art Studios, 1021 Ellis St, Kelowna, BC


Cost: $250 for FCA-COC Members, $275 for non-members


Cancellation Policy: If you cancel your registration more than 30 days prior to the starting date of the workshop, a full refund of your workshop fee will be made.  If you cancel your registration within 30 days of the starting date of the workshop, no refund will be made unless we are able to fill your seat from the waitlist. 

The primary goal of the workshop is to encourage participants to approach landscape painting with an experimental attitude and the idea that, “It’s only ten bucks worth of materials. Have some fun.” That isn’t to say that painting doesn’t require some knowledge of the principles of design and some discipline to apply them.  However, sometimes the anxiety of thinking we have to produce a “finished product” often results in tight drawing, tight brushwork, and slavish attention to photo sources.  Instead, let’s aim to challenge ourselves to “loosen up.”  Along the way, we’ll talk about composition, values, and colour as they apply to our paintings. 

Participants are encouraged to bring several landscape photos as references.  I’ll bring some to share as well.  The majority of the time will be spent painting, so make sure you have enough photos, canvasses, and snacks! 

Day One:

  1.  Introductions   
  2.  Discussion of goals and hopes, and adjusting the agenda to suit if necessary.  Timelines, etc.
  3. Compositional thumbnails, value sketches, and hands-on practice.
  4. Demo #1.  Discussion as it progresses to the “glazed” stage...or further if suitable.
  5. Hands on:  Begin participants’ paintings to the glazed stage. 

    From here on the day will be spent on the paintings, with the demonstration stages determined as needed.  Breaks and lunch to be determined.  Individual help.

  6. Group critique.  Unfinished or otherwise, we’ll have a look at our paintings and talk about strengths and uh....not so much...:-) 

Day Two:

  1. Warm up exercise. Bring a small (11x14 or so) canvas for this.  Details to be revealed.
  2. Demo #2.  This can come either now or afterwards, depending on the wishes of the group.
  3. Back to individual paintings, either finishing from Day One, or beginning new ones.
  4. Group critiques, comments, and final wrap-up.
  5. Evaluation....Did it meet your needs? 

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About Perry Haddock

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For me, art is simply a way of expressing mood. Whether I paint or sing or play a tuba, I’m expressing my personal reaction to my world at a given moment, so I want my paintings to reveal something of my emotion and my personality to those who see them. I choose watercolour and acrylic as the “freshest” of mediums, and I enjoy the interplay of purpose and accident which the quick drying watermedia allow me to explore. Although my subjects range from Italian coastal bays and Parisian markets to western Canadian landscapes, I’m always searching for the simplest expression of the moment, the image which evokes an impression rather than a detailed rendering. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy painting “en plein air” or doing pen and ink sketches on site as sources for paintings which I later develop in my studio. Unlike photos, my sketches become my “edited reality” during the few minutes I have to do them.

British Columbia’s west coast has been my home for most of my life, so I am most comfortable painting the landforms and coastal waters near my home. Travels around Canada and Europe give me a taste for trying new compositions and palettes, and keep me challenged and energized.


Perry Haddock was born in Berkeley, California, and moved to Vancouver at the age of seven. He did his schooling there, eventually doing a BA in English and a teaching degree at UBC. He later completed a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology, and retired in 2003, after more than 25 years as a counsellor in a Langley secondary school. Although he was interested in painting from early on, it wasn’t until he began a teaching career that he began to study art seriously. Following a fifteen year period as a potter, Perry turned his interest to drawing and painting, eventually teaching art in high school and pursuing his painting through college classes and workshops. He is a signature member (SFCA) of the Federation of Canadian Artists and an active member of the B.C. Art Teachers’ Association. His paintings are held in private and corporate collections in both North America and Europe.



Cost & Status

  • CAN$250.00
  • CAN$275.00 with Workshop - Non-Member + $25
Spots Available:
FULL (12 of 12 spots taken)
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2019-10-17 00:00:00
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2020-10-09 23:59:00

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