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2022 Survey Results

2022 Survey Results

Thank you for those members who took the time to fill out the survey in October!  The information provided will help the executive made decisions going forward that will better suit our chapter.

We thought that you might be interested in the results so here they are:


Monthly Meetings:

Generally speaking, do you prefer to

  • Attend meetings in person   17
  • Attend meetings via Zoom   15
  • Or both                                 24

Which of these meeting times would work for you (check all that apply)

  • Monday evening                  36
  • Monday afternoon               26
  • Weekend afternoon             14

If the meeting time remains Monday evenings, would you prefer to

  • Start at 6:30 pm (end around 8:30 pm)    23
  • Start at 7:00 pm (end around 9:00 pm)    11
  • Either                                                        19

We had numerous suggestions for workshops and meeting presentations!  Ann Willsie (Workshops Chair) and Audrey Kroll (Presentations Chair) will be following up on these.

Community Project:

Would you like the chapter to do some sort of community project?  This might make us eligible for community grants.

  • Yes    29
  • No     14


Would you be willing to be involved in a committee to spearhead a community project?

  • Yes    12
  • No     34





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